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4. Future developments

We feel that the prototype of a visualization server presented here has succesfully demonstrated the feasibility of a WWW based visualization service. Subsequently the technology was used to establish a permanent service at the DLR in Germany named the "Vis-à-Web-system". This system was used at the TU Delft as well to make available one of their visualization methods called spot noise textures. Further installations are exspected. After a period of testing we will make the JAVA client applet and the JAVA server applet available to encourage other people to use this mechanism to make their visualization methods available. We also intend to embed the major part of the modules today offered in the HighEnd visualization system into visualization servers and thus reduce hardware dependencies of our own visualization products. The concept turns out to be useful for a variety of other services beyond visualization as well. DLR will maintain a web page collecting all avilable installations of this service software system. The web page entitled the "Vis-à-Web-repository" may be found at . This page will also offer the starting point for downloading the software.