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On SUN computers there is the standard editor textedit which allows extern filters. Those filters must be inserted in a file named .text_extras_menu and can then be used in every textpane. The file should look like the following:

"gr Filters"    MENU
        "gr_analyze"    gr_analyze
        "curves"        MENU
                "gr_arcspline"  gr_arcspline
                "gr_bezier"     gr_bezier
                "gr_bspline"    gr_bspline
                "gr_nurbs"              gr_nurbs
                "gr_spline"     gr_spline
        "curves"        END
        "gr_rotxyz"     gr_rotxyz
        "gr_sort"       MENU
                "gr_sort"       gr_sort
                "gr_sort -down"         gr_sort -down
                "gr_sort -y"    gr_sort -y
                "gr_sort -down -y"      gr_sort -down -y
                "gr_invert"     gr_invert
        "gr_sort"       END
        "gr_uv2vu"      gr_uv2vu
        "gr_scale -r 0 1" gr_scale -r 0 1
"gr Filters"    END

To run the filter, select the text, you want to change, first, then select the filter from the pane menu. The selection will be replaced by the filter output.

This program allows you to run the gr modules from inside the texteditor. This opens an interctive method for editing point data.

Jens Trapp
Wed Jun 12 20:34:13 MET DST 1996