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Module gr_getcdf

    gr_getcdf - a tool for reading variables or fields from a netCDF-File 
    Jens Trapp for DLR Gottingen
    email        : Jens.Trapp@DLR.De
         Version 2.0     May 30 1995
    -[h o v cdf k]
Global Options:
    -h        Short help.
    -help        Long help.
    -o file        Output file name.
    -v        Version number.
Input Options:
    -cdf file        Input filename in netCDF-Format
    -k name    Specify the name of a field or variable.
            If you want to view more than one field, use
            -kn keyname with n as a counter starting
            with 0 for the first field
            So if you want to print out the X field,
            give -k X as a parameter.
            You can specify two fields (e.G. X and Y) by
            writing -k0 X -k1 Y as second parameter. (And so on)
Please send comments and bug descriptions to Jens.Trapp@DLR.De

Jens Trapp
Wed Jun 12 20:34:13 MET DST 1996