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Module gr_spline

    gr_spline - a GRToolbox module
    Splining 2 or 3D point data.
Different parmetrizations can be chosen.
    All points must be distinct.
    -[edge eps g n arc chord normx absx equih o v noc nof now skip f m c e i s l]
    -help    For help on all options.
Special Options:
    -g name        File for the knots. (Default: equidistant knots)
    -n int        Number of points to be splined. (Default: 100)
    -edge float    Accuracy at edge. (Default: 0)
    -eps float    Accuracy for taking known points. (Default: 0)
    -chord        Using chordal parametrization, which is an
                approximation to the arclength.
    -arc        Same as -chord.
    -normx        Using (x[i+1]-x_[i])*(x[i+1]-x_[i])
            as knots.
    -absx        Using (x[i+1]-x_[i])*(x[i+1]-x_[i])
            as knots.
    -equi        Using equidistant spacing between as knots (Default).

Jens Trapp
Wed Jun 12 20:34:13 MET DST 1996