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Module gr_split_into_files

    gr_split_into_files - a GRToolbox module
    Splits a point-file into several files splitting at each
    seperator (&, or any other line not starting with # or @).
    The files will be numbered by the number of sets.
    The output base name can be specified by -base option.
    (Don't use -o Option!)
    -[base digits first suffixh o v noc nof now skip f m c e i s l]
    -help    For help on all options.
Special Options:
    -base string    Base name for output files.
            (Default: INPUTNAME.set)
    -suffix string    Outputname Suffix.(Default: No Suffix)
    -digits int    Number of digits for number in output name
            (Default: 2)
    -first int    Number in output name will be
            set_number + first_number (Default: 0)

Jens Trapp
Wed Jun 12 20:34:13 MET DST 1996