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The GRToolbox is a collection of small programs that allow the user to execute operations on polygons or point sets. Each tool solves a small problem, such as point transformations, data format conversions or data inspection. Although each tool is kept rather simple, the tools can be combined to execute complex operations on the point data. This feature allows for programming on shell level and can be combined with any kind of shell-program. Often requested operations such as rotating, clipping and sorting are already implemented in the toolbox. More specific ones can easily be added, by copying an existing tool and adapt it to the new behaviour. Both, extendibilety and combination of programs is a result from the module structure of the toolbox. Every tool is a separate program. But all programs share most of the code. This garants that all programs are handled in the same way, which makes programming and learning how to use the tools easy.


The manual can be read online. It covers an older version, and will be updated soon.
For each tool you'll find manual pages here.


The sources for the brand new version 5.
Compiled version for Sun Solaris 2.6
last update: Fri 30 Apr 1999 01:06:25 PM MET DST