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Module gr_generic

    gr_generic - a tool for XY(Z)-point files
    Jens Trapp for DLR Gottingen
    email        : Jens.Trapp@DLR.De
    Main Status    : Version 3.0     May  3 1995
    Tool Status: Version 1 ALPHA    May  3 1995
    GENERIC file for gr family tools.
    -[h o v noc nof now skip f m X Y Z c e i s l]
Global Options:
    -h        Short help.
    -help        Long help.
    -o file        Output file name.
    -v        Version number.
    -skip int    skip given number of lines of the file.
    -noc         Write no comments.
            (lines beginning with '#' will be ignored.)
    -nocomment     Write no comments.
    -nof         Write no functions.
            (lines beginning with '@' will be ignored.)
    -nofunction     Write no functions.
    -now         Write no warnings.
            (warnings are written to stderr)
    -nowarning     Write no warnings.
Input Options:
    -f file        Input filename. If you have more than 1 Input
            file use -f1 file -f2 file ... instead.
    -f1 file     Use, if you have more than one input file ... 
             -f2 -f3 -f4 ... 
    -m int        Maximum number of points for input. Default : 10000.
    -d int        Dimension of points for output. Default : 2 or 3.
Options for specifying X interval borders:
    -c        Do not print values outside the specified intervall.
    -e int        Last point of curve segment in which the curve will be
            fitted. (-s : startpoint) First point has number zero!
    -s int        Startpoint number for Interval. The number of the first
            point of a set is always zero!
    -i float float    Interval in x-direction on which this tool will
            operate. Points outside the intervall will not be
            changed. (see also option -c)
Options for specifying sets:
    -l        List of sets to be printed out. List has to end with
            -1. The first set has number 0.
            If no list is given, all sets will be printet out.
    -1        Marks the end of the list started by -l. 
Special Options:
Please send comments and bugs to Jens.Trapp@DLR.De

Jens Trapp
Wed Jun 12 20:34:13 MET DST 1996